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Taxi Rates

Effective May 18, 2022



FOUR DOLLARS AND SEVENTY CENTS initial charge, up to 142.8 metres.

TWENTY-FIVE CENTS each 142.8 metres or part thereof.

THIRTY DOLLARS per hour waiting time (calculated on the taxi meter when vehicle is stopped or travelling under 17 km/h)

SEVENTY CENTS each additional passenger

BRIDGE TOLL - In addition to the regular taxi fare, the Bridge Commission’s cash toll rate of the day will be added to fares when a paying trip involves a bridge crossing for the carriage of passengers or parcels.

TEN CENTS - For each article, piece of luggage, parcel or bag of groceries handled or placed in the trunk by driver.

SEVEN DOLLARS - When a large vehicle is required to transport cargo or large/bulky items

CHILDREN under ten shall be carried FREE when accompanied by an adult

SPECIAL RATES by contract are permissible when such rates are provided for by contract between the taxi owner or taxi driver and the customer. When customer contact to obtain taxi service is initiated either by telephone, electronic transmission, the customer is entitled to the fare by meter rate, unless a special rate is agreed upon prior to the taxi departing for the customer pickup. When customer contact is initiated in person, the customer is entitled to the fare by meter rate unless a special rate is agreed upon prior to commencement of trip.

PROOF OF PAYMENT OR PARTIAL PAYMENT IN ADVANCE may be requested by a taxi driver or owner, prior to transporting the passenger or passengers.


The per vehicle rate for transporting Cruise Ship Passengers from the Halifax Port Property shall be what equates to an hourly rate of $59.00.


A 3 hour tour from the Halifax Port Cruise terminal to Peggy's Cove is charged at a flat rate of $177.00.  This includes the drive to and from Peggy's Cove and 1 hour to spend touring Peggy's Cove.  Each additional hour is charged at the rate of $59.00 per hour.


Rates to and from Stanfield International Airport, click on the links below:

Please be advised that the Halifax Stanfield Airport Authority has made an adjustment to fares FROM the airport with a temporary increase of $4.00 per trip, and trips on airport property will increase by $1.00, on top of the following established airport car service fares. This adjustment takes effect as of June 1, 2022.  For example a trip from the airport to central Halifax will now be $72.00. 

This increase has not affected fares TO the airport as listed below.

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