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Our Famous Jingle

In the 80s, we created a TV and radio campaign with a catchy little tune that took Halifax by storm. In fact, many Haligonians still have to sing our famous jingle to remember our number (if they don’t use the app). Our jingle has been mentioned by local talent in songs and comedy bits. One Nova Scotia company even makes throw cushions printed with the lyrics, and sales are good!


All together now!

If you’re a person on the go, write down this number,

It’s the key to travelling quick.

It’s Casino Taxi’s number - 



Casino Taxi, they’re the fast ones.

Casino Taxi, near as your phone. 

No need to run, don’t get wet, dial their number -

429-6666. Or 425-6666!

WARNING: If you play this, this is going to get stuck in your head.
You’re welcome.
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