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Advancing Passenger Safety

At Casino Taxi, we are committed to ensuring safe and reliable for-hire transportation for all passengers. As the largest taxi dispatch services provider in Atlantic Canada, Casino Taxi drivers interact with approximately 3.5 million passengers annually, which represents an estimated two thirds of all taxi trips completed in the Halifax area. Casino Taxi has a predominately female leadership team that is particularly empathetic to the concerns of our female passengers and is proactive in advancing female passenger respect and safety. Because we care about the concerns of all our passengers we feel it’s important to communicate Casino Taxi’s position, action, and advancement on matters of public safety.


  • One of Casino Taxi's core business values is to partner with only the best local taxi drivers, whose primary goal is to provide their customers with fair, equitable, and safe transportation. We believe these drivers owe each and every passenger the essential duty of care, morality, and ethical behavior. Individuals who do not share these values are promptly removed from operation under our name, REGARDLESS of their license and legal status. 

  • When serious complaints in the taxi industry arise, such as those experienced in recent years alleging sexual misconduct, Casino Taxi is dedicated to providing as much assistance as possible to the Police and industry regulators in an effort to identify those individuals involved. 

  • While we understand the city remains in the consultation process to improve industry safety, Casino Taxi has always been, and will continue to be, proactive in taking steps to improve areas of public safety within our organization. Some of these items include: 

    • Continuous improvement and upgrading of technology which tracks and aggregates trip data, taxi request information, payment information, and vehicle GPS location. 

    • An increased focus on transparency through our Casino Taxi App, which provides riders the details of which driver is transporting them, including vehicle number, driver name, and full vehicle description. 

    • The creation and implementation of high quality, dynamic customer service and passenger interaction videos, which provide tips to drivers for the safe and successful delivery of service. 

    • An increased focus on new driver mentoring and policy explanation, to ensure all drivers understand what is acceptable as a trusted service provider with Casino Taxi. 

    • A searchable database of vehicle descriptions containing makes, models, colour, operator(s), roof light, and license information. 

    • A dedicated management team which constantly monitors and addresses areas of customer concern. 

Casino Taxi will continue to work on a daily basis to create an industry that is safe, reliable, professional, and trustworthy. We will also continue to work with and encourage two-way information sharing amongst key industry stakeholders and regulators in an effort to ensure our industry provides the highest standard of service. Casino Taxi is a family business. We share the same concerns and expectations as the people of Halifax, and we will not partner with any driver who does not share or display these same principles. Haligonians have a right to safe, secure, reliable, and trustworthy transportation service, and we are committed to providing it - along with peace-of-mind. 

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