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Q - What are Taxi Chits? 

Taxi Chits are slips that are associated with an account at Casino Taxi, they are preprinted with your organizations name and used to let our taxi drivers know that the bearer is authorized to charge the cost of the trip to your organization. One taxi chit is required for each taxi trip and should be completed by the passenger at the end of the ride. 

Q - How do I order Taxi Chits for my Holiday Party or Special Event? 

To authorize individuals to charge taxi trips to your organization we will setup a special event account and issue taxi chits that are valid only for a specific day(s). Complete the Special Event Account form and submit to Casino Taxi via email Taxi chits are delivered within Halifax at no charge. 

Please take care when handling chits and keep in mind that they are as valuable as cash, if lost we have no way of retrieving and cancelling a book or sequence of chits, as such, all used chits will be billed to your account. 

Q - How does a Special Event Account differ from a Corporate Account? 

Special Event accounts are setup for organizations who only use Casino Taxi services once, twice or three times a year for event purposes. Taxi Chits for Special Event Accounts have a preprinted date or dates. There is a flat fee of $20+HST for each special event taxi chit order which covers the cost of printing & delivering chits as well the short term financing. This fee will be charged as part of your invoice along with completed taxi chits. 

Corporate Accounts are setup for organizations who use Casino Taxi services throughout the year rather than just for special events. Taxi Chits for Corporate Accounts have no expiry dates. 

Q - Can I prebook a vehicle or vehicles for my event? 

Taxi trips can be procured in a variety of ways: Called into our dispatch office, booked using our APP (Android or Apple) or hailed on the street. All trips, except hailed rides, are dispatched on-demand rather than prearranged with a driver ahead of time. During the busy holiday party season our ride response times are affected by a number of variables including demand level at the time of request, weather conditions, pickup location, availability of vehicles, etc.

Q - What are your rates for taxi service? 

As a regulated industry, the current standard rates for all customers are set by the Halifax Regional Council. More detailed information can be found at You can estimate the cost of your ride using our booking app.

Simply fill out your pickup location AND destination and your Estimated Fare will be displayed. 


Q - How are taxi chits invoiced? 

On the first business day of each week Casino Taxi accepts taxi chits from our affiliated drivers and pays them for these services. We then scan the front of each taxi chit, use bar code technology to route the chit to the proper account and character recognition to digitize the price. Special Event Accounts and Corporate Accounts are invoiced at the start of each month for all taxi chits collected in the prior month. Invoices are prepared in a PDF file with scanned images of the front of each taxi chit organized and totaled. HST is broken out of the face value of each chit. PDF Invoices are sent via email to all customer accounts with new activity or an outstanding balance. 

Q - How can I pay for a Casino Taxi Invoice? 

We accept payment by Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer (Customer initiated), VISA, Mastercard & American Express. Credit Card numbers can be securely stored and payments applied automatically when Invoices are prepared by filling out the Credit Card Authorization form. Alternatively, credit card payments can be accepted by our administrative office over the phone (902) 491-5180. 

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